The Prequel

[Note: Like most couples, we often get asked how we met.  So I decided to write it down officially.  What follows is how it really happened :-)  Also:  we have some lovely pictures & the story of “The Proposal” over on my blog -so check that out here if you like!  -  ’deep]

SCENE: September 6th, 2009, Labor Day Weekend Sunday.  Dinnertime. I had a big work deadline, & also had fun plans for later in the evening.  Thus I was running out my door on Valencia St. to grab a burrito & then finish work.
PLAN: Grab Burrito, Eat at Home, Finish Work Quickly, GO HAVE FUN.

As I run out the door & grab my bike, I notice a really striking woman in silhouette across the street. All I can tell was that she’s tall, with really long hair and a great figure & seems dressed up. NO. STICK TO PLAN.

I hop on my bike & head down the street & realize that she’s keeping pace with me - walking fast. It is a little dark, and I can’t get a good look, but signs pointed to seriously HOT.  So I think “what the hell, when she crosses the next intersection, I can turn into the intersection, as if I am going that way & it won’t’t look like I’m crossing just to ogle her” - which, in fact, I totally am :-)  PLAN: Temporarily Abandoned.

So, I cross through the intersection & immediately notice the following:
a) she is seriously HOT 
b) she is clearly dressed for a night out.
c) she is on the phone, so it is not like I can say “Hi”
d) I am dressed like a schlep :-(
but the most important thing I notice:
e) I recognize her!

She’s someone I flagged on & hadn’t gotten around to contacting.

But she’s on the phone & it would be rude to interrupt.  There’s nothing to be done.


So she passes on & I go to get my burrito. As I wait in line at my favorite burrito place (Taqueria Cancun!), the kicking myself begins - I should have found a way to make contact!  I hate regrets!  Consequently, as I get my food, I decide to go see where she had gotten to & say “Hi.”
PLAN: Temporarily Abandoned.  Damn the torpedoes!

So I bike back… and she is nowhere to be found.
I go home & the kicking myself starts in earnest.  I try to get my work done, but thoughts of emailing her on OKCupid & trying to explain why I was too lame to say “hi” in person keep popping up.

I look her up on OKC and realize that she seems smart and fun (fluent in Chinese!) and is very intriguing.

Kicking myself gets into high gear.  I also realize her profile says she loves dark chocolate.  ”Hmm, dressed to the nines, she probably went to Range (a nearby nice restaurant) which is super close to where I saw her…”! A NEW PLAN FORMS!

I grab a business card, a card to write something on (if she’s on a date or busy), run to the store on my block to get my favorite dark chocolate… And back to my bike & on to Range.

I walk in…. and she’s not there.
Regrouping, I realize she must have gone to Osha across the street! Sure!
Not there.
Luna Park!
Not there!
I realize this is getting crazy & tell myself, after Fritjz, I go home & do my work.

Of course she’s not at Fritjz, so I head home.
But suddenly I realize Farina & Regalito are excellent last ditch choices.

So I go to Farina.
I walk in, past the outdoor seating, & as soon I do she is walking out (probably from the bathroom).
She is, in fact, really hot.
She passes me & I say excuse me - she doesn’t hear me, so I say it louder & she turns around….
So I say “Hi, you’re name is Kimberly right?  You’re on OKCupid?” & she smiles with a slight laugh in her eyes & says “Umm, yes I am.”
“Hi my name is ‘Deep & I saw you walk by  and I had been meaning to email you anyway.”
“Wow.” She smiles even bigger.
I say, “Anyway, here is some chocolate - I know you like it.”
She says “What? Do you just walk around handing out chocolate to people all the time?”
I smile & say something like “No, I just knew you liked it.”
“What?” I could see the “Stalker?” question forming in her face.
So I quickly said “No, your profile says you like it” - she smiled - “Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your friends, if nothing else, you’ll have a great story to tell them, but I’ll email you on OKCupid tonight.”

She smiled really big & said “OK”

[Epilogue.  I asked her to marry me two years later.  That story is here on my blog: The Proposal]

Kimberly Silhouette (11/2011 " Balboa Park, San Diego, CA)