Bike Rental Info for the Parade (& the Weekend)!

Folks -

As promised, we’ve gotten some rental bikes for the Bike Parade on Saturday 8/4.  Also we’ve collected a little info on other bike rental options both for the Saturday and for the weekend:

  • FOR SATURDAY: For those of you who RSVPed (on the form) we *should* have enough rental bikes available at our house - you’ll have to BRING $28.50 per bike & fill out some forms. It will be first come first served - so be prepared…
  • FOR SATURDAY OR MORE: Honestly, a bike is going to be the best way to get around for most of the weekend, but especially Saturday.  Here are two options:
    1. Find your own rental bike: Just Google “bicycle rental San Francisco" and a lot will come up.
    2. These guys seem to be the cheapest daily rate ($22):
  • MOST INTRIGUING OPTION: The most intriguing & possibly cheapest option sounds like this person-to-person bike rental service called Check it out. I don’t know anyone who has used it, but it is what we’d try. Let us know if you do!