Info for Out of Town Guests

We love San Francisco and can’t wait to show off our city!

For those traveling from afar, we hope to make visiting and staying here as easy as possible.

To help, we have:

  1. Thoughts for our Guests: A brief note to set expectations
  2. General Travel Info: Overall SF travel tips
  3. Accommodations
  4. Getting Around San Francisco
  5. Getting In from the Airport
  6. Weather

Thoughts for our Guests

In making our wedding plans, we have come to realize that the wedding we want may not be the wedding you will be expecting!

And since we don’t want to disappoint or frustrate any of you, we thought we should explain a few things so you could decide if you want to attend.  Of course, we want all of you to come to our wedding, but even more important than that, we want everyone to be happy - we want a happy event, and will understand if you feel like it isn’t the kind of event that you will enjoy.

Here are a few specifics:

1. Our wedding won’t be as structured as most weddings.

There are a few big events, and between those times, we expect you to explore and enjoy San Francisco.    We’re purposely not making arrangements for every minute of every day in the hopes that you’ll make this weekend your own, and that you’ll join us for the parts of the wedding festivities that you’ll enjoy. Bring a sense of adventure, and you’ll have a great time. 

2. Our wedding will be spread out, so you’ll have to be comfortable getting around San Francisco.

Of course we’ll help with information and ideas, but basically you’ll need to be comfortable taking the bus, or catching a cab between a few events.  There won’t be a lot of this, but there will probably be some.  There will be a decent bit of walking. If you rent a car, know that parking in San Francisco is difficult. Because we don’t own a car, we are not a great source for tips on parking garages and other car-related transportation.

3. Traveling to & staying in San Francisco can be a bit pricey.

Traveling to San Francisco, like many destination cities, can be pricey, especially for hotel rooms.  We’ll have various options to reduce your costs, but won’t take offense if this isn’t something you can afford to do right now or if it’s not how you want to spend your money. It is OK!

So please think through all of this when you RSVP & decide accordingly.  If you want to come, fantastic, and if you don’t think so, we promise we won’t be upset - just wish us well on our adventure in life!

Travel Info

We’re sensitive to the fact that traveling to San Francisco, like many destination cities, can be pricey, especially for hotel rooms.  We HIGHLY recommend using travel websites like,,, and others for both airplane tickets & hotel fares. We’ve had good luck with these sites on our travels. 

If you find a room & wonder if it is a good place to stay (good neighborhood?  close enough to our events?) please email us & we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

August is peak tourist season (and the America’s Cup Yacht race trials will be bringing additional tourists), so it’s important to book hotel rooms early.

We’re centralizing activities and making everything easily accessible by public transportation so you can opt to skip the parking nightmare and enjoy the city by bike, foot and bus.


Trusted friends recommended the following locations as places they and their close friends or family have stayed.

They’re listed in order of distance from our neighborhood, and we tried to include a range of price points, but also realize that hotels in San Francisco are expensive.

Several close friends generously offered to open their homes to our guests - please let us know if that’s of interest and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Finally, & are a great way to find apartments, sublets, and many other non-hotel accommodation options. Highly recommended! 

The Inn San Francisco - a B&B in the Mission, just four blocks from us.

Parker Guest House - lovely neighborhood B&B 15 minutes’ walk from our house. We’ve checked this out personally and it’s our recommended spot to stay - there’s a three night minimum and it books out fast, so make a reservation soon!

A Country Cottage - good value B&B near Dolores Park, a 15-minute walk from our house.

Noe’s Nest - a B&B in Noe Valley, an easy 15-minute walk from the Mission.

Lander’s Cottage (via - a small 1890’s single family house nestled on a side street and conveniently located near a Bart station, and a 15-minute walk from us. 

Casa Loma - European-style set-up with shared bathrooms on each floor. In Hayes Valley, an easy 25 minute walk away and accessible by the 22 bus line.

Hayes Valley Inn - a B&B in Hayes Valley, an easy 25 minute walk away and accessible by the 22 bus line.

Galleria Park Hotel - downtown in Union Square, easily accessible to our ‘hood via bus & Bart.

Hotel Milano - downtown in Union Square, easily accessible to our ‘hood via bus & Bart.

Orchard Garden Hotel - eco-friendly hotel in Union Square, easily accessible to our ‘hood via bus & Bart.

Chateau Tivoli - Not super central, but close enough to transit and fabulously affordable for the Barbary Coast opulence on offer.

Getting Around San Francisco

We recommend biking, walking, and catching MUNI (bus)/BART around the city. August is peak season, and America’s Cup trials will be going on - but the reality is that parking in San Francisco is difficult any time of year. Aim to stay in a location that’s near main bus/BART lines downtown. 

Getting In from the Airport

It’s a snap to catch BART to our neighborhood from the airport - both the 16th Street and 24th Street stops serve the Mission, Castro, and Noe Valley accommodations listed above. Alternatively, a cab from the airport into the city costs about $30 - $50.


San Francisco climate is temperate, and early August is just as likely to be 60 degrees and fogged in as it is to be 80 degrees and sunny. Many of our activities will be outside, so bring layers of clothes! The ceremony itself will be smart casual - wear something that’s comfortable and that you can explore Sunday Streets in!   

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