Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions.  So little time!

  1. Why are you getting married on Sunday? Why August?
  2. What is all this “Double Happiness” 囍 stuff about?
  3. What is the ‘Deepistan National Parklet?
  4. What is a FlashDance?
  5. What is Sunday Streets? or Sunday Streets “Mission”?

Why are you getting married on Sunday? Why August?

If you know San Francisco, you know that September tends to have better weather than August - so why are we having our wedding in August?  And why is it on a Sunday rather than the more traditional Saturday?

The answer is: Sunday Streets “Mission” Edition. See below.

What is all this “Double Happiness”  stuff about?

For those of you who don’t know, Kimberly has spent much of her life learning about & then living in China.  The Chinese double happiness 囍 symbol is a concatenation of two individual “joy” 喜 characters compressed together into one character signifying (in this case) a happy marriage!  Here is a nice little article about it!

What is the ‘Deepistan National Parklet?

A parklet is a tiny public park created by converting street space from a space for cars into a space for people.  

We have created the first parklet at a private residence in San Francisco, and possibly the world. We call it the “‘Deepistan National Parklet” (or the “Deeplet” for short) because ‘Deep has always referred to his neighborhood as ‘Deepistan & because every megalomaniac needs a National Park :-) The Deeplet was conceived & designed before Kimberly was on the scene, but it wouldn’t be nearly as lovely as it is today without it’s Chief Ranger.  

For much more info go to

What is a FlashDance?

'Deep has been putting on free, outdoor, public flash-mob style, dance parties in San Francisco for about 7 years now.  Here is an awesome video from his last Halloween FlashDance.

They aren’t technically legal (since he doesn’t get a sound permit & they tend to be impossible to get after 10pm) but there has never been much of a problem.  Sometimes the police shut down the dance parties, but if so, they simply move.  We highly doubt the wedding FlashDance will get shutdown & even if so, we have a backup plan.

For much more info & history, and the type of music, etc - go to

What is Sunday Streets? or Sunday Streets “Mission”?

Sunday Streets events in our neighborhood, the Mission, are truly some of our favorite days of the year.  Here is how Sunday Streets is described on their website,

Sunday Streets is a series of events put on by the City of San Francisco to encourage health, community and fun, inspired by similar events in cities throughout the world.  A Sunday Streets event creates a large, temporary, public space by closing off stretches of a neighborhood’s streets to automobile traffic, and opening them to pedestrians, bicyclists, and activities for several hours on a predetermined Sunday.

These event are based on similar events that happen in cities throughout the world (they started in Bogota Colombia) and have become very popular in San Francisco.

The Sunday Streets events in our neighborhood, the Mission, is easily the biggest, most popular, and most fun of the San Francisco events.  In fact, it has been so popular, that this year, the City will hold an unprecedented four Sunday Streets events in our neighborhood.  The fourth and final Sunday Streets in the Mission will be on August 5th.

As we were planning our wedding, we realized that Sunday Streets Mission was also the perfect place to hold our ceremony with all of our favorite people, our community, and, yes, total strangers! 

Note that Sunday Streets goes from 11am to 4pm on August 5th.  This means two things for our guests:

  1. Remember that cars aren’t allowed on Valencia after 11am so take public transportation or leave plenty of time to park/walk and get to our 12 noon ceremony in time.
  2. Since Sunday Streets will start before and continue after our wedding, we HIGHLY recommend people coming early and staying late to enjoy it!  It’s great for walking, biking, exploring, and just sitting and watching!

For more info on Sunday Streets, go to