Our Wedding Ethos

Our Wedding Ethos

We are very fortunate.

Fortunate to be surrounded by a tremendous set of people in our lives.  People here in San Francisco, and scattered literally all over the globe.

Fortunate to live in a wonderful city we love and its best neighborhood (in our opinion).

Fortunate to live lives that make us truly happy.

For our wedding, we want to celebrate how incredibly grateful we are, and give you all a small window into our world. It won’t be perfect, it will be a little different, and it’ll be a lot of fun. It’s going to be an exciting mix of community and family, public and private, and silly and meaningful.

We’re incorporating our city, our lives, our values, and even the randomness of San Francisco itself into our wedding. We hope you’ll like it (a lot).

- Kimberly & ‘Deep


In light of our good fortune, we hope you’ll understand our request for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts. Check out the Gifts page for more details.

'Deep, Kimberly & Denali (8/2010 " Denali National Park Alaska)