Wedding Schedule

Here’s the outline of our wedding festivities as of 6/21/12

(IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING any of it, it would be a BIG HELP if you answered the QUICK questions here on our questionnaire!)

———— SATURDAY 8/4/2012 ———— 

11am-12:30pm: Wedding Kickoff at Our House

Kimberly & I will be hanging out in front of our house at 937 Valencia St., in the ‘Deepistan National Parklet*, welcoming folks, saying “Hi”, giving out cookies, and hoping you all get a chance to meet each other.

12:30pm-3pm: Bike Parade to Golden Gate Park

We will hop on our rickshaw & lead a bike parade from our neighborhood, through to Golden Gate Park & back.  Please bring a bike and join us!  There will be bike rental info for those without bikes.


We’ll be at dinner in the early evening - sorry we couldn’t invite everyone (budget+seating = sadness) - but fear not, the party will continue at….

9:30pm-11:30pm: FlashDance Party at Ferry Plaza

We will be having one of ‘Deep’s free outdoor quasi-legal :-) dance parties (FlashDance*) at Ferry Plaza that night and hope you can make it!  Bring your dancing shoes, dress sparkly (& in layers) and come dance!  

———— SUNDAY 8/5/2012———— 

12pm-1pm: Wedding Ceremony at Our House (and Sunday Streets Mission)

The wedding itself! We will be getting married in front of our house at 937 Valencia St., in our parklet! The ceremony will be brief , so please be on time if you plan to attend & be early if you want a good view! Remember that cars aren’t allowed on Valencia after 11am (Sunday Streets!) so leave plenty of time to get here in time! 

1pm-4pm: Sunday Streets Mission

Valencia St. will be part of a car-free street festival called “Sunday Streets*” before and after our ceremony.  After getting hitched, we’ll be roaming the festivities by “Just Married” rickshaw.  This event is one of our favorite things and we encourage you to enjoy it any way you like (sitting & watching from our parklet, or exploring it by foot or bike)  Note that Sunday Streets starts at 11am and goes to 4, so feel free to come enjoy it before our ceremony too!  Stay as long or as short as you like!

4pm-5pm: Farewell at Dosa Indian Restaurant

If you are still around after Sunday Streets, you can join us for a last hurrah at Dosa Indian restaurant, right near our house.  If you can’t stay that long, don’t worry: it is just a chance for us to say thanks & give you a hug before we go home and collapse :-) 

(IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING any of it, it would be a BIG HELP if you answered the QUICK questions here on our questionnaire!)

* If you find yourself wondering things like “What is the ‘Deepistan National Parklet?”, “What do you mean by ‘quasi-legal’ FlashDance?” “What exactly is Sunday Streets?” - see our F.A.Q. page.

Kimberly & 'Deep at Meredith & Hardie's Wedding (4/2010 " Beverly Hills, CA)