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Hey folks - 
We’ve stuffed this blog FULL of post-wedding goodness in 4 separate posts!  (our videos,  our photos, our parting thoughts,  & miscellaneous goodness!)
Of course we LOVE all 4 parts, but  If you don’t have time (or interest) in perusing it all, here are the 3 things we recommend if nothing else:
  1. Watch at least one of Claudia’s “Sparkle And Shine” videos - honestly they are all good in different ways!
  2. Check out our Top 25 Photos - there were so many great ones, but these are the best of the best!
  3. Read our wrap-up Interview with Ourselves :-)
Thanks!  Let us know what you liked… and feel free to poke around some more later - there’s tons of good stuff :-)  And thanks for all the LOVE.

Post-Wedding Bonanza #1: Videos!

[Ed. Note:  Part 1: (this post!) our videos, Part 2: our photos, Part 3: our parting thoughts, Part 4: miscellaneous goodness!]

We have a whole BUNCH of videos that really capture the feel of the whole thing!  Claudia Escobar’s are, of course, the best (that’s why we paid her) but even the ceremony video & the time lapse we made are really nice!  Check out whatever strikes your fancy….
  • Sparkle And Shine: We’re so happy we hired a great videographer to capture our wedding! Claudia of Chocolate Films did an amazing job & really captured the feel of the thing. She made 3 videos - a short (1 min), a medium (4 min) and a long (13 min) and each of them is different - pick at least one to watch, they are all so good! And they are good in different ways!
  • Ceremony Video: And if you missed the ceremony, ‘Deep cut together some of Claudia’s footage to make a more-or-less complete version of the wedding ceremony itself…  So if you want to watch ‘Deep cry or Kimberly looking composed & lovely, or hear what Jane, Christopher, Tom ‘Deep or Kimberly had to say (& all were worth it!), check it out….
  • Time Lapse: We strapped a time lapse camera to one of the poles in the middle of the wedding & this is what we got!  It’s pretty cool & fun to watch.  Also half way through (after the ceremony) the camera got bumped and shows a nice long shot of Sunday Streets Mission :-)






Post-Wedding Bonanza #2: Photos!

[Ed. Note:  Part 1: our videos, Part 2: (this post!) our photos, Part 3: our parting thoughts, Part 4: miscellaneous goodness!]

We’ve been buried under the sheer tonnage of photographs we’ve received - but fear not, we have culled & culled and boiled it down two sets - the Top 25 and the Top 100!
NOTE: We took almost none of these shots.  We’ll come back & put in photo credits soon - but most of the best photos were taken by our professional photographer, Melissa Mermin.  You can purchase copies of her shots (plus bunches not pictured here) at this link.  The password is “conley” - note that the purchase link will disappear on 11/15/12.
Top 25 - These are the best of the best! Our 25 absolutely favoritest wedding shots!
Top 100 - If you have a little more time you’ll appreciate the top 100, both the 25 above & 75 more.  All of which are quite worth seeing!
Finally - if you really want to see more - we have this set of great pictures of various Friends & Family members from our wedding….
And we’ll leave you with these wonderful tintypes taken at PhotoboothSF (Thanks Vince!).  Kimberly & her first-husband, the African Prince…..


Final Thoughts: We Interview Ourselves About Our Wedding!

[Ed. Note:  Part 1: our videos, Part 2: our photos, Part 3: our parting thoughts (this post!), Part 4: miscellaneous goodness!]

Lots of folks have asked us lots of questions about our wedding in retrospect - here are some of our faves, asked by our favorite spouses!
K & D as Smart, and Attractive Interviewers: So you kids got MARRIED!  How was it!?

K: Our wedding was kinda perfect. Maybe everyone who gets married thinks that (*hopefully* everyone who gets married thinks that!) - but ours turned out exactly the way we hoped - and planned - it would: a fun, fabulous (and kinda quirky) celebration of our awesome city and the amazing lives we’re able to live here, complete with sparkly, bikey, Chinese/Indian-ness. 

D: Wow.  On the biggest scales, it was perfect :-) It was SUUUUPER fun, and it was meaningful in all the right ways. I loved it :-)  I think most people who came really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it too & in the end I think we accomplished something else: our wedding was a great explanation of our lives and why we love them so much to all the folks in our lives who don’t quite get it :-) 

To be sure, there were some snafus & stuff that didn’t work out as well as I hoped - but I have ridiculously high expectations :-) But it was pretty ambitious, all said and done, and the most important parts worked out great & the stuff I was most worried about turned out to be the most fun.
Interviewers:  And you made up your whole event?  How did that work out?
K: We pulled it off! 

Let’s be clear: it was a TON of work. Doing it “our way” and not following the typical wedding template meant we planned everything from scratch…which caused confusion for some folks, including us. What *was* typical, though, is that we argued, like all couples do, about important (and some not-so-important) things. I valued the process (almost) as much as the result.

We didn’t set out to do this, but at one point I realized we hosted over 300 people for six events spread across three days. It went off almost without a hitch… mostly because ‘Deep was an INEXHAUSTIBLE planner. I have worked in events for many years (and generally avoid organizing them now) so was amazed at how he thought of every last detail. Sometimes it drove me a little crazy, but it more than paid off (and then some). Thank you again, Pookums!    
D: Maybe a little less than K, I didn’t set out to do a non-traditional wedding.  I just wanted one that meant something to me.  And that meant lots of fun, big tent, zany goodness & it meant local & bikey in a low-carbon kinda way.  It also meant really figuring out what marriage means to me & saying it in front of everyone in a way that represented us.  It became pretty ambitious because both of us are enthusiasm-based organisms & we jumped on every great idea that bubbled up & said “Let’s do that TOO!”  Eventually that led to paralysis & collapse - which turned out to be a good thing, because that got us to figure out what was really essential to both of us & we did those things….  And it was awesome!

Interviewers:  So what were your favorite bits?
K: A few favorite things, in no particular order, were:
  • We didn’t know each other’s remarks or vows before hearing them at the ceremony. 
  • Henna! Our henna artist incorporated both Indian and Chinese marriage motifs, peacocks and the Chinese double happiness character, into the design. It was amazing to have a unique and meaningful piece of temporary art on my body, and I was really sad when it faded.  
  • The bike ride was probably my favorite activity because friends and family who don’t bike around San Francisco were able to understand why I’ve come to love it. Plus, the Conservatory of Flowers has been one of my favorite spots in the city since I was a child. 
  • Wearing my grandmother’s WASP (Women’s Air Force Service Pilot) pin on the zipper of my wedding dress was my favorite small detail - I wanted her to be with me, even though she passed away almost exactly one year earlier.
D:  My favorite bits were the bike parade, and the ceremony itself.  
We delegated the bike parade to a couple of friends (Dan & John!) and they nailed it! It was so well organized and so much fun.  I had been worried about how a lot of newbie-bicyclists from all over the country/world would handle it & our friends made it not only easy, but also a true joy.  
And the ceremony was the kind of thing where I think the words both of us said, in the vows and especially in our remarks, really turned out to be worthwhile and meaningful. I think Kimberly’s wedding remarks really effected me & reminded me once again what a ridiculously lucky guy I am.
Honestly, i also loved all the crafts projects in the lead up, as much as they were a ton of work.  The moment we hung the big glitter sign in the window was were it all clicked into place in my head & I realized it was really happening & it was going to be awesome.

Interviewers: And how did the public aspect of it work out?
K: One of biggest perks of a public wedding has been meeting so many new people. We’ve already met a ton of neighbors though the parklet, but now folks in the ‘hood have another excuse to say hello and introduce themselves - because they were at our wedding! By including them, they now include us. That connection is stronger, and more touching, than I expected.

D: Just great!  Having our wedding at Sunday Streets was such a no-brainer in hindsight - it just tied together soo much for us.  And having a party with everyone around you sets a tone that I really cherish.  I try to bring that to a lot of things in my life and it always pays off so much more than it is a problem.

Interviewers: What kinda stuff went wrong? Any regrets?
D: PLENTY! :-) Not regrets, but plenty of things went wrong :-)  The biggest was in the planning stages - we hired a wedding coordinator AFTER we had run ourselves ragged and done a lot of heavy lifting we should have left to someone else.  That being said Christine did a GREAT job & was a huge win.  The other biggest snafu was at dinner - we really intended to sit in the middle of the room & when that didn’t happen, it felt like we were more separate from half our guests (Sorry y’all!)
Interviewers: How was the honeymoon?
D: K insisted that we go somewhere warm & beachy - but not interesting enough that we’d feel an intense need to “go see and do everything” - so we went to Miami. It was glorious:

Interviewers: So how’s being married?
K: People keep asking what I think about married life. Actually, *deciding* to get married - getting engaged - was a much bigger shift in our relationship than getting married. That said, there is a subtle, and more important, feeling of contentment and satisfaction - and new depth and dimension to my feelings. I get a little thrill every time I say the words “my husband”. :)     
D: It tastes like chicken!  Actually K nailed this answer & so I can’t add much.  Really YUMMY chicken.

Post-Wedding Bonanza #4: Miscellaneous Goodness!

[Ed. Note:  Part 1: our videos, Part 2: our photos, Part 3: our parting thoughts, Part 4: this post: miscellaneous goodness!]
But wait there’s more!  A couple of people have asked us about the wedding playlist & others about the vows and remarks & so here is where we’ve collected all that & other miscellaneous goodies from our wedding… 
• If you’re curious about our Remarks & Vows, you can read them here… We wrote them ourselves & kept them secret from each other until we said them at the ceremony…
• If you enjoyed the music we played at our wedding ceremony, you can check out the playlist here… 
• We really want to thank everyone who donated money from our Gift Page - it really means a lot to us & even more to the organizations that you helped support.  If you still want to donate - please do!
• And finally, our wedding wouldn’t have been anywhere near as awesome without the efforts of so many people who helped out!  From glitter bombing to spreadsheets, from electrical wheelchairs to invites, from decorative proof of concepts to cutting paper - these folks ROCKED:

Adrian Cotter • Adrienne Johnson • Amy Tanner • Carlee Duncan • Christopher Conley • Dan Nguyen-Tan
Dora Fang • Grace Gellerman • Jane Martin • John Calaway • Kathe Hashimoto • Kay Hoskins • Keri Maijla
Kira Petersons • Laura Hayden • Liz Palatto • Lyle Hayden • Megan Conley • Patrick Conley
Peter Khoury • Steve Allen • Tom Radulovich • Una Chan • William Craven • Yin Yin

And all those names we forgot to put on this list: THANK YOU!

Why This Has Taken So Long!

It’s been an intense two months since we got back from our brief honeymoon!  After our vast wedding related efforts we had hoped for some much needed down time - but we had forgotten how we were behind on so MANY things in our lives after months of wedding AND months of new puppy!  Kimberly has been busy with plenty of things & ‘Deep has been scrambling to catch up with his job and his various political activities (it’s election season ya know!)
That being said, we’re almost caught up now & look forward to a November that looks a lot like this:
Image 5
(Thanks for the pic Anita De Lucio)
And if we haven’t reconnected with you so far - we hope to soon!  Thanks for your patience with the photos and the like - we hope it is worth the wait!

Psychologically, hanging this was the “this is really happening!” moment for me (‘Deep)

Psychologically, hanging this was the “this is really happening!” moment for me (‘Deep)

Today’s Anagram!

Today’s Anagram!

Wedding Weekend Details

Last updated: 11am 8/1/2012
Folks - many people have had good questions about more specifics - here are the answers to what has been asked so far!  We’ll update this post with more info if need be!
Bike Rental Questions
(for details on the Bike Parade see below)
  • We have reserved (but not rented) bikes for about 40 people based on the RSVP survey from Bike and Roll.
  • Bike and Roll will show up with a truck full of bikes on Saturday & you will rent them yourselves (with help from Christine, our wedding coordinator)
  • The bikes are $28.50 per bike for 3 hours, please bring exact change .
  • We will have an assortment of bike sizes, but it will be “first come first served.”
  • If you want to make sure you get a bike, and have a bike that fits you, we recommend renting bikes separately on your own - more info on that here: Bike Options
General Weather Questions
  • The current forecast says that both Saturday & Sunday will be partly cloudy & 60ºF day / 54ºF.
  • San Francisco weather is notoriously variable - it can change from hour to hour & block to block.
  • The answer is always LAYERS, most of the time a tshirt & jeans is a good base for anything & a light jacket  for daytime, medium for evening. 
  • If you run warm, shorts are actually a reasonable bet until evening time. Especially if you have a sweatshirt with you in case it gets colder.
  • If you run cold, having a light jacket during the day & a medium to heavy for the evening will do well.
  • As for jackets & sweatshirts, having something you can tie around your waist is a good choice.

Event Clothing Suggestions

  • Saturday Bike Parade: Totally casual - summer wear (for anyone not from SF, this could feel more like fall) but with a reasonable chance it will be a tad cold. Jeans, sneakers, tank top and extra layers are the way to go.   
  • Saturday Dinner: Dinner will be indoor and on the fun side of dressy.  Most dinner guests will go directly to the dance party after dinner, it will be a short walk. We won’t be changing between the two events.
  • Saturday FlashDance: Whatever you feel like.  We will be sparkly, shiny, festive, and you will get points for the same, but should wear whatever makes you happy and dancey. Wear (or bring) good dancing shoes, and be sure to bring a jacket.   
  • Sunday Wedding/Sunday Streets: Think summer wedding meets the county fair. Our wedding is basically in the midst of the street festival & guests will probably be roaming the street festival afterwards - so dress for a wedding, but be comfortable to stroll, bike, roam afterwards.
Saturday Bike Parade:
  • We will leave from our house, on bikes, at 12:30pm & return around 3
  • The bike ride will be slow, casual, and beginner friendly
  • There will be at least one loud, festive, music bike (ours!)
  • There will be ride monitors and helpers along, 
  • You will be riding at your own risk & should only ride if you feel comfortable doing so
  • We will be riding roughly 2.5 miles each way, with plenty of stops at lights and the like
  • We will ride from our house (in the Mission) to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park (doing a modified Wiggle for you SF bikers)
  • For those of you not coming to the ride, check this out (!) and feel free to roam the neighborhood & explore!
Saturday Flash Dance:
  • FlashDance is a series of free, outdoor dance party’s ‘Deep has been putting on since 2005
  • No, they aren’t strictly legal. They have been shut down by the police a few times, but usually not.
  • For info on the motivations behind, the types of music played, etc see
  • For dinner guests, the Flash Dance will be at Ferry Plaza, a short walk from the dinner location
  • The BEST way to get to the Flashdance will be to take BART (to Embarcadero Station) from most neighborhoods, or bus or cab. BART stops running after midnight, so you can take it both ways.
Sunday Streets / Wedding
  • The wedding will happen at noon out front of our house at 937 Valencia St.
  • Starting 1 hour before the wedding & continuing on tip 4pm, Valencia Street will be closed off to cars, and opened to pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, and everyone else.
  • The wedding will be a part of Sunday Streets itself.
  • Guest are encouraged to participate in & enjoy Sunday Streets before and after our wedding ceremony. Plan to walk, or bike (free 1 hr rentals (see here)), skate, or just sit and watch it all go by.  There are activities at all health/enthusiasm levels, from listening to bands, to board games, to free yoga classes, to roller skating.  Feel free to participate in as much or as little as you like.  
  • Here is a map of just the PLANNED Sunday Streets events - this doesn’t cover all the unplanned ones!

Sunday Streets Events!

Here is the whole list of the PLANNED activities at Sunday Streets!  There will be MANY unplanned impromptu ones too (bands, demonstrations, games, etc)
Excellent stuff to roam around and check out before & and after our wedding at noon!
(Note the free Bike rental at Valencia between 14th & 15th!)